Our Expertise

Hotel , DMCs & Tourism Boards

Go-Getterz is a GSA/Representation Company firmly established in the Travel & Tourism Industry. Go-Getterz specializes in the sales, marketing and promotion of ground Operators/DMC's (Destination Management Companies), Hotels, and various travel products to the Indian Travel fraternity. Acting on behalf of its clients as a local sales office in India, Go-Getterz can establish a strong presence in the local market for its principals. This makes it easier for Go-Getterz clients to be introduced to and access the DMC's and travel products, which it represents. Go-Getterz comprehensive sales, marketing and PR services range from destination representation (national and state tourist boards) to DMCs, tour operators and Hotel Chains.

Sales & Marketing

Go-Getterz is proficient in the sales and marketing of destinations and products utilising a skill-based series of well-tried, finely honed tools. These include regular sales calls programs, product updates and educational training, media buy and advertising in travel and trade publications, organising familiarisation trips. Go-Getterz can also act as a representative for its clients at relevant trade shows in order to drive more and more business from Tier I & Tier II cities. Being an established player in the tourism industry, Go-Getterz also enjoys healthy relations and regularly partners with various Tourism Boards, Consulates and High Commissions in various activities in designed to promote declinational awareness.

Go-Getterz has helped several travel businesses and organizations increase their clients base, sales and profits and additionally, developed goodwill for those companies in the Indian outbound travel market. Go-Getterz comprises a dynamic team of young, experienced professionals and has a dedicated account manager for each product it represents. Each employee is positioned as an 'in-depth specialist' with individual skill sets derived from having visited a destination or gained from hands-on experience of product portfolios.


In addition to the provision of Sales and Marketing support, Go-Getterz also offers Operational Services for many of its clients. Go-Getterz has a dedicated operations executive based in its Mumbai head office, which, having visited the destination and/or experienced the product to hand, also receives ongoing top-up training from the clients' head offices. As a result, Go-Getterz is more than capable of providing support in terms of preparing quotes, itineraries, voucher issue and final program delivery. Account managers are further supported by operations team members and other members of the Go-Getterz team.

Project Based Consultancy

Go-Getterz creates customized, comprehensive solutions, working with its overseas business partners to develop a winning strategy fully supported via a stream of scale, optimization and dedicates critical resources to realize goals. Apart from representation, Go-Getterz also provides its expertise and offer project-based services to its business partners.

Event management

Go-Getterz organised events include multi-city road shows once every years intended to provide a platform for its overseas business partners to meet and interact with the Indian Travel fraternity as well as showcase their products. Go-Getterz also organize sales visits for its overseas business partners across various cities in India and participates in several important Trade Shows to generate more business and build good will for its partners.

Public Media Relations

Go-Getterz fully understands the importance of comprehensive marketing and public relations representation. Go-Getterz work with its clients to develop a solid PR strategy, and then provide its expertise in a cost-effective manner delivering affordable results.

Market Research - Indian Outbound Travel

India is one of the fastest-growing outbound travel markets in the world. With more than 1.1 billion inhabitants and GDP increasing by more than 8% every year, the country offers enormous potential for in outbound travel. Go-Getterz' capabilities are diverse and specifically geared to its clients' needs in the areas of sales, marketing and PR specifically for the travel Industry. Go-Getterz focus is on international market expansion and revenue development for all of its clients.

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